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The main well of inspiration in Alan’s life comes from his grandson Elijah, who was born August 26th, 2012, with Cerebral Palsy, and his daughter Lauren, who live with him.

Dear Elijah, whose introduction to the world was fraught with complications, weighing only one pound with hydrocephalus and a level IV interventricular hemorrhage.  During his ten-month stay at the NICU at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida, Elijah was surrounded by the love of his family, especially Lauren and Alan, who were never far from their miracle prince.   The experience of their family throughout this time set alight a flame of strength within them.



A gratitude and patience, learned and appreciated suddenly within the context of Elijah’s strength and Lauren’s grace, resonated deeply with Alan. Their unwavering closeness and dedication to each other is Alan’s essential driving force.  Elijah and Alan spend most mornings, up early, listening to classical music and Toddler Tunes.  They frequently enjoy watching NFL and NBA games on television together.  Elijah delights in Alan talking and singing to him, on their way to school and therapy at PediPec, as well as throughout the day.   Alan cherishes and prioritizes his quality time with Elijah, who is currently undergoing stem cell therapy treatment.   Through knowing Elijah, Alan has learned to eschew the negative, and embrace the world with compassion and understanding.  The incredible relationship they share and the tenacity of their love is a reminder to all who know them of what truly matters in life.

Below are photographs of Alan Rasof’s grandson, Elijah.

alan rasof grandson elijah

Elijah at school

Alan Rasof and Elijah

Alan Rasof and Elijah 2

Baby Elijah

Elijah 5

Elijah in Blue 2

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